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Drum Lessons Dublin

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Drum Lessons Dublin:

Drum Lessons Dublin

We provide drum lessons in Dublin for Kids, Teens & Adults.  If you would like to see what drum lessons would be like before signing up, book your Free “Meet & Greet” today.  We want to ensure every student is teamed up with the right instructor.  At our “Meet & Greet” we discuss goals and direction and your can see what drum lessons are like before your first class.

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Drum Lessons For Kids, Teens & Adults

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Drum Lessons Dublin

Offering music lessons city wide.

Drum Lessons Dublin, Ireland

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We provide Drum Lessons In Dublin for Kids, Teens & Adults.  Online Drum Lessons can be booked during the day and evening time, Monday to Sunday, to give you the most flexibility.  Our online lessons are conducted through Zoom, and In Home Music Lessons can be booked throughout the city of Dublin.

Students can participle in regular performances throughout the year.  Most are all ages events and they happen in various venues throughout Dublin.  Contact us to book your Free “Meet & Greet”

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