Ukulele Lessons


Our ukulele lessons are a great  way to introduce to string instrument.

A GREAT choice for children wanting to play guitar but having difficultly holding a guitar.  Because the body and the neck are smaller on a ukulele, we recommend all children under 6 to try ukulele first before moving onto guitar.  We have a ton of ukulele resources for children to learn and excel from!


With more and more songs and movie tracks including ukulele, it’s been the instrument of choice for teens wanting to play a string instrument, but don’t want to do traditional rock music.  We have a ton of ukulele resources to learn from and over band opportunities as well!


The perfect companion, easy to carry around, beautiful sounding….What else do you need?  There are a ton of songs, oldies and newbies, that you can learn.  A easy instrument for you to carry with you anywhere you go, including the cabin!

What will you learn?
  • How to tune your ukulele
  • Note names and how to read music notation and tabs
  • Pop, Rock, oldies
  • Chords
  • Create and play melodies
  • Performance preparation
  • How to compose your own songs

All Skill Levels

Preschoolers, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced

Lesson Times

30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes

Our School Philosophy

  1. Groove Academy–School of Music provides you with a high standard of music education. All students and instructors come up with a clear plan, discuss goals and direction, before enrollment. Our music programs, are designed to adapt to each student’s needs and how they learn best, (audio, visual, and/or kinesthetic). As a result, each student receives customized music lessons.
  2. Groove Academy insures you are learning from highly qualified instructors. All of our instructors are RCM qualified, hold a university or college degree and are “in” the music business.
  3. Providing our students with an abundance of performance and scholarship opportunities, our students gain stage experience at Groove Academy events and local events around Calgary, nationally and internationally, (all performances are optional).

To discuss our vocal lessons/course in detail, or if you have any other questions, please contact us, we would love to assist you further.


Other Music Lessons We Provide Are:


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