Health & Safety

Students, Parents and Staff

The health and safety or our students, parents and staff’s are our top priority while ensuring the best learning environment possible.

Illness Policy

Simple and straight forward.

If you think you are coming down with something, sick, not feeling well….stay at home.  We can either schedule your lessons via Zoom for the same day or different day.  Alternatively, we can also send you your weekly lesson plan through our lesson software program and include follow-along videos, PDF’s and audio examples.

Please use the contact form to inform us of your absence.
Groove Academy - School of Music


Currently all staff and students past the age of 9 are required to wear a mask during in-person lessons.

In-Person Lessons

We ask that once students arrive to lessons, please wait in your vehicle and your instructor will wave you in once ready.  You will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before entering the classroom.

In-Home Lessons

Students and staff are required to wear masks as mandated.  For piano lessons, if instructor requires to use your piano/keyboard for demonstration, they will need to use Lysol whips before demonstrating, and after.  For string instruments, the instructor will bring their own.

If anyone in the household is not feeling well, you are required to inform us to we can make alternate lesson arrangements.

Child on laptop taking online music lessons

Classroom and Building Health and Safety

As with any school, we want to ensure the healthiest, safest environment possible.

  • No running
  • Please ask before trying out or touching instruments
  • In winter, please leave boots and jackets at the front
  • To avoid unnecessary clutter in the classroom, please leave all other items at home or in your vehicle
  • No yelling or foul language anywhere in the building
  • No outside food or drinks in the classrooms

Musical Equipment 

The classroom equipment is checked and inspected regularly.

If your equipment, (example: amp, electric guitar) is not performing optimally, please let us know.  We offer repair services.


Please respect our restrooms.

  • Only use what is needed
  • If water lands on the floor, please let us know or wipe up with paper towels
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly, (say the alphabet)

Drop Off And Pickup

As of now our instructors will wave you in when ready.

Students at this time are not permitted to stay past their lesson time.  Parents, please ensure you are here on time for pickup.

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