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Music Lessons Nanaimo

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Music Lessons In Nanaimo. In-Home and Online Music Lessons.

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Music Lessons We Provide:

Groove Academy provides music lessons in Nanaimo for both In-home and Online Music Lessons.  Instruments we teach include: Piano, Vocals, Guitar and Drums lessons.  We offer 1-on-1 lessons and “Buddy Classes”.  “Buddy Classes” is where two students can take lessons at the same time.

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What do I need For Online Music Lessons?

Prefer Online Music Lessons?

Our online music lessons are really engaging.  Students learn quickly through our use of audio and visual aids.

Every student is notified by email as soon as the instructor uploads the lesson plan for the week.

Our online student software lesson program, allows our instructors to upload videos, audio, lesson descriptions of how and what to practice and PDF worksheets so that you can progress quickly to the next level.

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Music Lessons For Kids, Teens & Adults

Music Lessons We Provide Are:

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Drum Lessons

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Music Lessons Nanaimo

Offering music lessons city wide.

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Nanaimo, Victoria BC.

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In-Home Music Lessons or Online Music Lessons
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We provide music lessons in Nanaimo for both In-home and Online Music Lessons.  Join any one of our amazing programs for Kids, Teens & Adults.  Most lessons are one-one-one, however, if there are 2 or 3 siblings, we may be able to run that as a group class, providing you with a lower enrollment fee.

We teach multiple instruments including: Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Woodwinds and Brass.

Are lessons for you or your young one?  Email us to discuss the best option for you.  Let us know the best to reach you at.

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