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Guitar Lessons For Kids, Teens & Adults in Edmonton

We provide In-home and online guitar lessons throughout Edmonton.
Our guitar instructors come to you with In-home guitar lessons.

Learning guitar can at times be frustrating and exhausting and we understand. Our instructors will help you execute an effective practice routine based on scaffolding lessons, so you can experience faster results without a ton of frustration with an easy to follow system.  You will have at your fingertips, video, audio, method books and PDF examples to help you along your way.

Our programs our about making sure new guitar students are started correctly and have the appropriate resources and support, so they’re prepared for success.

Tips & Advise for the young guitarist

Choosing the right size guitar – When it comes to choosing a guitar,  you want to make sure you’re little one, (or yourself), are properly fitted for the right size and guitar body shape.  Because guitars come in different sizes, we are able to custom fit you to the appropriate size.  Guitar sizes come in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full.  So, if your little one is 8 years old, they may need a 1/4 size guitar, so they are not having to play the guitar flat on their lap.  Examples of guitar body shapes are parlor, standard, grand concert, orchestra model, dreadnought, slope-shouldered dread.  And, string types are steel and nylon.  There are few other examples…but this is a start!

Here’s how we’re different

The first time we meet is a “Meet & Greet”.  Our first goal is to get you set up properly with a guitar that’s going to sound good and that you are going to want to play.  Next, we go over goals and direction, so that when it comes to your first paid lesson, the guitar instructor already has the lesson planed for the direction you want to head towards.  New guitar student?  Never played guitar before?  No Problem!  We can go over what songs you like to listen to and your favorite bands.  This will give us an idea of the style you are into and what you like and don’t like.

How to prepare for your “Meet & Greet” – If you’ve played before, bring in any books you have worked from or are currently working from.  Make a list of areas you want to improve on and styles of music and bands you are into.  If you have never played before, listen to as many songs and styles of music as you can.  List the bands you like and write down what you like about them.  If you’re not sure what to say……just right down “they sound cool”!

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