Tips For Finding Piano Lessons In Winnipeg

7 Reasons To Join A Well-Established Music School

  1. You don’t have to waste time driving around interviewing piano teachers, they’ve done all the pre-hiring for you
  2. Piano Lesson – programs are already created, and are structured to get the most out of each student
  3. Multiple piano teachers are on staff to choose from, that cater to each student’s personality, and style of music they wish to study
  4. Multiple performance opportunities for all students
  5. Each classroom is filled with teaching aids, piano books, supplies and the latest in technology
  6. Audio, visual and kinesthetic aids, catering to how a student learns best, making learning the piano a lot more fun!!
  7. Piano teachers will have teaching experience and stage experience
African-American boy with teacher learning to play piano indoors
Instead of taking music lessons from a music instrument store that happens to offer lessons....The benefit of taking music lessons from a music school......

We specialize in music education.

8 Tips When Looking For A Piano Teacher

  1. Find a teacher you connect with
  2. Teacher’s qualifications, (University, college, RCM, other)
  3. Performance and stage experience
  4. Are you truly receiving customized music lessons?
  5. Is the school/teacher willing to discuss goals and direction before lessons begin?
  6. Does the school offer performance opportunities?
  7. Any other incentives or programs, (scholarships, rock bands..)?
  8. Take a close look at the school’s piano course and program outline

How important is finding a great piano teacher?

On average, students will stay with their piano instructor for 5 years or more.

So you want to choose your piano teacher carefully and make sure you are receiving proper music instruction.

If piano lessons are for your child, sit in on the lessons, take notes, observe and ask questions. A great instructor will communicate with you about how to develop great practice routines, along with what should be practiced and how to approach setting goals on a weekly basis.

Ready to enroll in piano lessons?

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