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Join on online percussion school and excel in your school band.  We cover all aspect of percussion in including mallets, snare drum, drum set and auxiliary percussion.

What is needed for our online percussion school?

All that is needed to join our online percussion school is a bell kit, snare drum and or practice pad, drumsticks, bell mallets and a music stand.  Below is a description of what is needed for each area.


Part of the mallet family incudes bells, xylophone, marimba and vibraphone, (sometimes called vibes).  There are various mallets you can use to get different sounds out of the instrument from soft to loud and articulate to a more rounder “fatter” sound.  You will learn which mallets to use in which application or setting, and what mallets every percussionist should have in their mallet/stick bag and what mallets will generally work in most situations.  You can also purchase percussion kits that include all the above or you can rent.


At a minimum, a practice pad is needed with drumsticks.  Practice pads are a matter of preference.  Some are softer to hit, others have a harder surface.  Drumsticks however, we recommend Vic Firth SD-1’s or similar.

Music Stand

Music stands are often overlooked, or most will buy the cheapest one they can find.  We recommend that you find the best one you can and to spend a little more in this area as some of the books we will be using are a bit weighty and the lighter stand just don’t do as well.  We usually recommend the Manhasset music stands as these stands are heavy duty, will last a lifetime and have a wide edge that will hold a lot of music and thicker books.

Drum Set

Rock Drums

Jazz Drums

Orchestral Percussion

Snare Drum:
Grip, buzz rolls, double stroke roll, tuning, dynamics.

Grips, 2 & 4 mallets, scales.

Grip, tuning, rolls, dynamics.

Ready to enroll in our online percussion school?

To discuss our courses in detail, or if you have any other questions, please contact us, we would love to assist you further.

Who Can Join the Online Percussion Program?

Our online percussion school is designed for percussions grades 5-12. To discuss in full detail as to what is needed for online classes and or to book a free “Meet & Greet” contact us to discuss further.