Groovy Tots Program


We over music lessons for toddlers in private or group settings.  Our “Groovy Tots” program will have you little one immersed in music, dance, movement while making friends and having fun with other children.  This is the perfect way to introduce your little one to music in a fun and exciting environment.

Children will learn about rhythm, melody and movement in every class.  We will also learn about kindness, empathy, patience, friendship, discipline and teamwork.

Parents are welcome to sit in during the firs few classes, but after the 4th class children will start off with their friend and parents will join in for the last 15min. of class so we can share what we have learned.


General Music Program

Ages: 5-6

If looking for group music lessons for your toddler, our “General Music Program” is perfect for the little who has not fully decided on what instrument to choose yet.  This program will introduce your little one to piano, ukulele, (or guitar), rhythm and voice.

How It’s Structured

We introduce a new instrument every week while reviewing the instrument we studied the week before.  You will find that your little one will gravitate to a specific instrument after only a few classes.  This is usually indicated by, “I want to start with _______ today!

After you little one has decided, we can then begin to focus on the instrument of their choice.


Nurturing Creativity

Learn, Show, Demonstrate

Music & Dance

Activities that build on friendship & fun!

Our School Philosophy

  1. Groove Academy–School of Music provides you with a high standard of music education. All students and instructors come up with a clear plan, discuss goals and direction, before enrollment. Our music programs, are designed to adapt to each student’s needs and how they learn best, (audio, visual, and/or kinesthetic). As a result, each student receives customized music lessons.
  2. Groove Academy insures you are learning from highly qualified instructors. All of our instructors are RCM qualified, hold a university or college degree and are “in” the music business.
  3. Providing our students with an abundance of performance and scholarship opportunities, our students gain stage experience at Groove Academy events and local events around Calgary, nationally and internationally, (all performances are optional).

To discuss our vocal lessons/course in detail, or if you have any other questions, please contact us, we would love to assist you further.



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