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Music Lessons For Children & Adults

Music Lessons Singapore , Online or Home Lessons

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Music Lessons Available:

We provide music lessons throughout Singapore for child and Adult learners covering many styles of music.

Lessons We Provide Are:

  • Piano Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Woodwind & Brass Lessons

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In-Home Music Lessons

In-Home Music Lessons are provided in Singapore.

All instructors go through extensive background checks and training.  All instructors have performing and teaching experience.  This helps deliver both practical and theory concepts.  For In-Home lessons the student must have an instrument.  If you do not have an instrument yet, you will have to rent or buy one before your first class.

Your instructor will send weekly lesson plans.  This is so that the parent and child will know exactly how and what to practice.  Your instructor is able to upload video, audio, PDF’s examples along with clear expectations for the week.  We provide performance opportunities for all student ages throughout Singapore.

Online Music Lessons Singapore

Our offering of Online music lessons in Singapore is the most convenient way for most busy families.  At your lesson, your teacher will use multiple ways to interact and teach to bring you or your child music lessons in a meaningful and comprehensive way.

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How We Deliver Your Music Lessons

By using tools like Zoom and our online program to deliver music lesson plans, we are able to create a fun and interactive learning experiences for everyone and ensure that everyone is given clear lesson plans to help them get to the next level.

Our Instructors Give You:

  • Clear lesson plans
  • Realistic expectations and a clear path way for you to reach your goals
  • Audio and visual aids
  • Audio, visual and PDF examples in you lesson plans
  • Lesson plans are emailed to you at the end of every class
  • Help prepare you for performance events and competitions

Music Lessons For Children & Adults

Music Lessons We Provide Are:

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Drum Lessons

Make Your Musical Dreams Come True.

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Music Lessons Singapore


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In-Home Or Online Music Lessons
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About Us

We are a music school in Singapore that offers music lessons for Children and Adults.  We offer both In-home music lessons and online music lessons.  Lessons can be booked during the day and evening time Monday to Saturday.  Online music lessons are arranged through Zoom,

If you choose In Home Music Lessons, please let us know what part of the city you live in and or your street name and location.

Regular music performances and events are scheduled throughout the year for our students in various venues throughout Singapore.

Music Lesson Fees

Pure Beginner – $25 per 30min. Weekly Lessons
Intermediate – $35-$60 for 45min Weekly Lessons
Advanced – $50-$60 – 1-Hour Weekly Lessons

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